By Monica Rattanong

Hey guys, sorry to be the bearer of bad or good news but it seems like it’s that special time of the year which none of us have ever had to think about so far. Its Grad Program time and if you’re graduating at the end of this year then this is the prime time for you to apply for all the nifty 2017 grad programs out there. As the semester progresses I’ll make a new blog post so you guys have the best shot at doing whatever in 2017. I’ll only be doing quick short summaries about each grad program so please be sure to click the links to learn a little more about the program and the specifics about it. In no particular order here goes: 1. Australia Post Opens on Monday the 22nd of February 2016 and Closes on the 20th of March This program has a couple of interesting graduate streams which you can go down. There’s 5 stages which you go through so like any grad program it’s pretty lengthy. A comprehensive look at the different stages is provided by AusPost so check it out at the very bottom of the page under How to Apply. The Grad Program is located in Melbourne so you’ll have to relocate if you get it which could be a bummer or a dream come true. Applications for this guy have already opened and close on 20th of March which is a Sunday. Apply by clicking this nifty link here. 2. Commonwealth Bank Opens on Monday the 20th of February 2016 and Closes on the 25th of March at 5PM So this guy here is a little specific, GPA of 65% minimum which is basically a credit average. You also need to be in the final year of your university degree or to have completed your degree within the last 12 months. Like AusPost this guy has a couple of streams that you can go in, the most notable one is Marketing which is located in Sydney but there are a couple of others in Singapore, Hong Kong or Melbourne, check out the full list there. They also do a summer intern program for all of you second and first year kids, check it out here!! 3. Nestle Nestle has 5 streams which you can go into, starting in January 2017 to become eligible you need to in your final year of university or have completed your studies within two years of starting the Next Gen Nestlé Program. You’ll also need either have permanent residency or Australian citizenship. This guy doesn’t open up until March of this year so keep an eye out in UCAMS 2016!! 4. Aus Gov A little bit self-explanatory but don’t give this guy a miss. You know that body we call the government is actually pretty multifaceted and because of these multifaceted(ness) we become faced with a wide array of departments in which you can chose to apply for and a lot of varied roles. So give this one a good hard think. Deadlines for this guy are different depending on what stream and department you decide to go on. 5. Telstra This guy is an 18 month program and you get to rotate through different departments. Rotations of four to six months are designed to give you broad experiences in your chosen stream. And after your first rotation, you’ll have a say on where you work next. Telstra says “you won’t be sitting on the sidelines, either – you’ll get really involved in what’s happening,” so basically you’ll get to get amongst it. To be eligible just be finished with your graduate degree by December of this year. Opens on March the 2nd of and Closes on the 30th of March which is a Wednesday So thats Grad Programs Done but there’s also a couple of things that you should check out!! Other Cool Things Here’s a list of a couple of cool competitions and things you can get into at the moment which could be worth looking into to give yourself a little bit of an edge, there also a great practical application of what you’ve learnt:

More Grad Programs!! There’s also plenty of Grad Programs especially for advertising and media which open up in the middle of the year. I’ll write up another blog post with links to all of that stuff when it gets a little closer but most notably are:

Other Notable Things and Workshops:

That’s it from me, my top bet is for The Nest, so keep an eye out for that 2016 comeback!! Also for Round 2 of this Blog Post later on this year!!