By Maxine Monus

1. Netflix and Chill

No seriously, when I say chill we mean watch Netflix and chill. I know this doesn’t sound all that spicy, but some times all you need after a long day is to watch something funny with a big bowl of salty popcorn. If you haven’t watched Unbreakable Kimmy Scmidt yet – GET TO IT! The series written by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock is the perfect mix of weird and hilarious. Kimmy Schmidt, played by Ellie Kemper, is absolutely hilarious and adorable at the same time, joined by a variety of famous and funny co-stars. We promise Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the perfect show to binge watch and forget about your problems with!

kimmy schmidt

2. Put on Some Funk
“But Indie Pop is my favorite genre!” I hear you scream! Yes, indie pop is all well and good but if you really want to break out some dance moves, put away the sad music and get your funk on! At night, there’s nothing like getting sexy with some spicy music. I can already hear you asking, “But I know nothing about funk music, where do I start?!” WELL, I’ve got you covered! Here are some of my favorites: Play that Funk Music – Wild Cherry, Move On Up – Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder – Superstition.


3. Go out for Mexican food

Sounds simple, I know, but hear me out. I’ve always considered myself good at dealing with spicy food, “Don’t be shy with the jalapeños,” I would exclaim to the girl at Subway. Until one night I was out with friends and got a burrito that put me in my place. My mouth was on fire and my eyes were burning – I thought I was about to pass out. After I got over the initial stage of texting my loved ones goodbye and telling them what songs to play at my funeral, I felt so alive! The spice had cleared out my nose and my whole body was tingling – IN A NON-DIRTY KIND OF WAY! So the moral of this story is, even if you can’t handle spice or if you think you’re a spice veteran like I did, go out and get yourself an unbearably fiery food item and feel the burn!


4. Watch GloZell

You may GloZell’s video of the cinnamon challenge, where she starts by saying just how easy it is to eat a spoon of cinnamon, then later goes to consume a mouthful from a ladle and almost choke. This lady is every bit as crazy as you think if you’ve just watched her video, but she’s also funny and loving and is sure to bring some excitement to your night! GloZell has the ability to make anyone laugh no matter who he or she is or how sensible they may seem. She’s an underrated YouTube star, but if you’re looking for something to zing up your night after studying or working your butt off, you can rely on GloZell!


5. Do The Yoga Challenge
I know, you didn’t come here for some hippy health advice, but the Yoga Challenge is actually hilarious (unless you really know how to do yoga, so if you do – skip this tip and get back to actually doing yoga). To make it even more fun, get a friend over who you’re not afraid to make a fool of yourself in front of and do it with them! Here’s a great example of what it should look like if you’re a yoga amateur like me! So why not knock back a few cocktails with a friend and make fools of yourselves together! You might not get any exercise through your yoga, but you may get a six-pack from all the laughing.