When I was first offered a place in the MFA intern program I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had studied media, I had visited media agencies and in particular Mindshare where I was to complete my internship, and had heard about the work and the culture from the outside.

But did that mean I would know how to do all the work? Did I really know what to expect?

As it turned out it was it was probably a mix of a bit of what I was expecting and a lot of things that I wasn’t.

On my first day I found myself preparing a presentation where all I had to do was find TV program pictures and logos and put them in the presentation, and doing something that is called proof of posting or a POP, which is showing a picture or a cut-out of where the ad is posted as proof that it was indeed posted. Pretty simple stuff.

I dealt with TARPs (target audience rating points), I looked which programs were performing well, and I looked at which stations were pulling in the most viewers in my day to day duties.


But I found I was slowly getting advanced work. I started getting work editing schedules of where certain TVC’s (Television Commercials) were positioned, and helping to run competitive reporting on what other companies with the sector were doing in the market, and what their estimated media spend was. I even allocated budget to social media campaign!!

In my time there I got the chance to attend a client meetings with Origin energy and Old El Paso, and publisher meetings with a range of different media publishers from news.com.au to APN outdoor. I got to attend events publishers put on (and pay for) to keep the relationships between the media and publisher well. And most importantly I got to work on some campaigns that have been rolled out around the nation.


The clients I was working on, Origin energy, Ford and General Mills brands such as Latina, Betty Crocker and Old El Paso, were all interesting in their own right but there were definitely certain campaigns that really stayed with me. There was one campaign for Origin energy that I worked on that I now see all around the Canberra region, and it reminds me of all the work I did at mindshare.

To put it lightly, to intern at a global media agency such as Mindshare teaches you and gives you experience in the media business like no other can, but the real lesson I learnt was to keep an eye and an ear out for any opportunities that may come your way. Taking opportunities is up to you.