UCAMS is a fun, vibrant and welcoming student collective.
We are dedicated to engaging minds and providing opportunities for our talented communications students.
So if you’re wanting to get a little more out of your degree, then UCAMS is a really good place to start.

UCAMS was established in 2003 as a supplement to coursework and is now a student-led organisation catering to those interested in the communication industries. Our society serves as a community of like-minded students as well as a guide to the workings of the communication industries. UCAMS can assist in taking your degree out into the real world!

UCAMS offers several social and industry-related events to its members, which include:

  • Industry Talks with alumni guest speakers and industry professionals
  • Bi-annual interstate Industry Trips, Melbourne (Semester 1) and Sydney (Semester 2)
  • Mini Canberra Industry Trips
  • Cocktail Evenings
  • Communications Ball

We hold numerous events and keep our members up to date with advice, industry news and job opportunities.

You can sign up on the UC concourse on Wednesdays from Week 1 to Week 5.