Indonesia was a really awesome experience and I’m so glad that I was able to experience it. I’ll be the first one to admit that it was a struggle. From getting up every day at 8am, averaging 6 hours of sleep, intense humidity, conforming to clothing etiquette, managing hydration against the bathroom, being on our feet all day, group presentations, cultural differences, pollution and extreme poverty it was definitely an emotional roller coaster two weeks spent in Jakarta, Malang, Surabaya and Bali.

But that was honestly the beauty of the trip and I wouldn’t have it any other way. All ten of us were immersed in the experience and I’m sure I can speak for all of us that what we learnt from an advertising/cultural perspective and most importantly, from each other, is invaluable. Despite the difficult days, Indonesians treated us like Kings and Queens, Fathers and Mothers, Sons and Daughters, and we were reminded each and every interaction how lucky we were to go on such an experience.

Not a day wasted here’s what it’s like to go overseas for special studies:


Day 1: Village people tour


“Bule, Bule, Bule.” (WHITE PEOPLE, WHITE PEOPLE, WHITE PEOPLE!) Omg, real life Elsa selfie pls.

Day 2: Shopping – Grand Indonesian Mall


Fine, fine I give up, I’m actually lost, take my money!

Day 3: The Australian Embassy, Coca Cola, FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding advertising agency)


The three screens keep Coca Cola up-to-date on their social media. Can we have our free Coke now or…?

Group photo with the marketing manager of Jakarta herself. Coke is struggling to find ground in Indonesia, though has plans to make Coke the main drink of consumption over water and tea. Coke for breakfast yes!


Group photo at FCB.


Local Indonesian Restaurant

Mmm… Whole fish on plate. How do I eat this?

Day 4: Nestle and Ogilvy (Marketing communications company)


Tom pls… we just want our Milo, shove over.


Very proud of my visitor card at Nestle.


Ogilvy stairs or slide? I’m going to be a child today at work. SLIDE PLS!

Day 5: Presentation day at Niro Granite, lunch with the CEO and FETA

(Financial, Education and Training Agency)


Traffic jam. I mean off traffic time…


Terry and his fab SWOT analysis of Niro Granite. The CEO was getting a bit nervous.


Blue shirt – brand strategist, Moron shirt – Willie the CEO, Black T-shirt – Pong our trip organizer and ex L’oreal Paris media employee also our presentation judges. Nah not panicking at all.


Lunch with the CEO and on him! And if you’re wondering how it tasted, it was amazing.

Day 6: Largest Mosque in Asia, JWT (J. Walter Thompson, global advertising and marketing company), Mindshare (Global media and marketing services company)



Us men sitting with the local Indonesians.


The passing air through the mosque made you sleepy. We came here to sleep right!?


Our tour guide telling us all about this dead animal drum. Also best tour guide ever. Gyppie was like a father to us.


JWP: Bromance! Ok you can let go now, we’ve taken 10 photos.


All the agencies owned by JWP, yes I’m listening and being a good student, give us an Intern now that would be great thx.


Mindshare Jakarta

Day 7: Binus University


Cooking up a storm!


And the winner of Master Chef Jakarta is… Eat from all 7 sections of this Indonesian masterpiece gave the eater good fortune. Too bad for the vegetarians. No fortune for you! My mouth was singing… really.


Day 8: Batik Workshop (Wax-resist dyeing applied to cloth) and Apple Orchid


Dammit… Why did I look up…?


We ate Indonesian apples… well some of us who were game enough.

Day 9: Mount Bromo volcano and waterfall




Day 10-11: Brawijaya University


“I’m looking at the Man in the Mirror.” Shaun showed us a hidden talent learnt during his time as a professional. $5 and we’ll show you the video. It involves sign language to Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror.

Day 13: Nusa Dua Beach (Beach sports activity and snorkelling), Turtle Island and Pura Luhur Uluwatu (MONEY TEMPLE)


“Who is taking a photo with the snake?” #silence.


I hope you enjoyed drinking that salty water Tom. (Y)


“Please take off all loose belongings including Jewellery, hats and glasses.” Not even Shaun’s University of Canberra hat was excused. THAT’S MY HAT!


So beautiful.

Day 14: Silver smith, Katut Lear’s & Coffee plantation”


“I am going to be a millionaire, beautiful and famous.”


It’s Christmas in Silver Smith.

Farewell Dinner on the beach!


Fireworks, dancing, incredible seafood, beach, performance, family… Farewell Indo you were an experience to remember. #Tear.