By Monica Rattanong

So you may be thinking, LIFE HACKS, WHERE?

Well I’m about to share a compilation of life hacks… right here.

Look no further classy ladies, men and children.

First off.

Google Chrome.

Download it. What’s wrong with you man, how can you not have it. Stop reading this article. Download Google Chrome, don’t insult me with your inferior internet browser.

True Story. My friend Hilary will never get a job. Why you ask? Because she still uses Safari!

Okay so you’re back.

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Everybody who was already running Chrome is sitting there looking at their chrome browsers giving you a slow clap. Congrats.

So the first uni hack and essentially life hack is: Get Google Chrome.

Push Bullet

The second one is to download Push Bullet

Get it for your phone, for your desktop, your iPad. Heck I’d even get it if I could via smoke signal, Morse code, pager or fax.

It’ll increase your productivity tenfold. It basically lets you reply to any message that you get on your phone on your computer. Saving you from falling into the deep dark trap which is your smartphone.

RIP to all the non smart phone users out there, we feel your pain.

The One Tab Extension

Thirdly, get on the chrome app store and download the one tab extension.

One Tab is one the greatest extensions on the internet, VPN’s are the best but you know UCAMS isn’t for that pirate lyf.

One Tab will basically close all your tabs and place it conveniently into one tab, which you can close and reopen whenever you want.

Great for when you’re doing those late night before the due date assignments and you’ve got 50 million tabs open and you need to reference the day of. You can close all the tabs into one tab and you’ll never lose a reference.

It’s so easy too.


Fourth (or is it fourthly?)

This one I’m not strictly enforcing but Feedly.

One of the best looking RSS Feed Managers.

Subscribe to all your favorite websites and view them on a website or the app which has an incredibly beautiful User Interface and an indescribable User Experience.

Microsoft Office

Okay Kids, this one is important.


All Australian University Students can get Microsoft Office, as in the genuine, real deal, Microsoft Office for free.





All you need is your University Email/ID logins and you should be good to go.

Don’t be fooled by those sneaky sales people and all their upsells.

You don’t need it.

So to reiterate, the 5 uni/life hacks you’ll ever need to know as determined by an almost there adult who flails in confusion on the floor is:

  1. The Chrome Browser
  2. Push Bulllet
  3. The One Tab Extension
  4. Feedly

Have fun adulting, I know I won’t!!