The time of the year has come once again where we reflect on our annual UCAMS industry trip to Melbourne! In April 2015 twenty UCAMS members embarked on the eight hour bus journey to the hipster capital of Australia… We arrived at the buzzing city with enthusiasm and excitement about all we were about to learn, who we were going to meet and what we were going to do throughout the week. We had a full itinerary of visiting creative, advertising, media and design agencies and brands, as well as many social activities arranged. Check out what we got up to and read all about the valuable industry advice we received below (make sure you read the tips at the bottom of this blog post)! ff25a7_6601ad1e9ce54a14a8eda85a0f0b97f4 ff25a7_855acff0cbe04c9ea03a00dfcd9e2112 ff25a7_f1b955486b464c09aaeecc72d514604d Day 1:  After freshening up we boarded the tram for our first visit to Ooh! Media, where we learnt about out-of-home advertisements and their importance in the forever changing media environment. We thoroughly enjoyed getting an insight to the processes that are taken for outdoor advertisements and enjoyed being able to use the interactive billboards they had displayed. ff25a7_9354a58cf8b9485b9cabea351f6449ee ff25a7_188bf21d23334f248ee148406fa2ca69 ff25a7_4397c247076d4f5fadae50fbff07b2a8 ff25a7_def0e9b435084202b218c4bb4e3bfe12 ff25a7_50e425c20e53428abaabc989f64fa8a1 Our next stop was Mindshare where they spoke to us about media agencies being ‘nerdy-cool’ (smart and on trend). We had a great brainstorming session about target markets and learning the importance of understanding what media can do in achieving specific marketing goals. Mindshare also shared the key attributes they look for in graduates; your skills, style (your characteristics), motivation (what motivates you to work hard in this industry) and your cultural fit within the organisation. ff25a7_f2051c2de27b4e628abe2bff228cedae (1) ff25a7_70af384e9f9f469c94268b40a24972d0 ff25a7_ba055a778faa48678e6a3c3a8946abca That evening we were given the opportunity from Mindshare to visit the Melbourne Comedy Festival featuring Dave O’Neil, Danny McGinlay and Michael Chamberlain. Thank you Mindshare! ff25a7_dd3a7855d8484a18ad1b85758f6010e9 Day 2: After a very busy first day we were extremely excited to visit the first creative agency of the trip, GPY&R. We were given a tour of the beautifully decorated agency featuring open plan meeting areas, plants hanging from the ceiling and bikes and motorcycles displayed giving it a ‘Melbournesque’ vibe. We then came to a rest in the large boardroom where we were given an in-depth explanation about the ‘Human Walking Program’ campaign for Lost Dogs Home Australia. GPY&R also gave us valuable advice to those looking to become Account Managers, stating that it is crucial to have skills in project management, teamwork, finance and a passion for the work.  The head of creative also advised future creative’s that you need to ‘strive for that awesome idea, never stop thinking of ideas and create a strong portfolio with your ideas’. ff25a7_8a052188888046fcb0bb7e5ca11a0504 ff25a7_235f949066194630b9cc0bb7cb2e9d0b ff25a7_415146f8464244b2a2544f5e6ca649e5 ff25a7_43440857b3fe42b3a3c28aded5da5cd5 ff25a7_26bd7dc8e06e463f9f6704564f315e30 ff25a7_ced90af064f040988df987a29d134e56 ff25a7_96b8fad73ce44c8685dbaa004a836540ff25a7_8693bb84f9244e2ca22b3778d36e1275 We then visited Just Another Agency which manages artists and designers worldwide. Our design students loved the opportunity to find out how to get their work published and got an interesting insight to the arts scene in Melbourne. ff25a7_95d157f7def74f6f9edf7a8713bbbb0e We then shuffled along to visit the team at Frankie Magazine and Smith Journal who gave us an interesting view about working in the industry from the brand/client perspective. We learnt about brand management and selecting appropriate advertisements for the niche magazines. We loved reading the magazines and seeing how advertisements had been specifically created for their market. Whoever said print is going out of fashion obviously hasn’t read Frankie! ff25a7_fc1f818e18ae412c8eefe712022f08c6 ff25a7_6ad54177816142d894eed578fcb09253  ff25a7_c58bf9f5c24e46a083f34a5f79b987c3 ff25a7_8b7987ac9963447e8cd35960c674f6e5 UCAMS then enjoyed free time before heading along to The Project live audience where Todd Sampson (advertising royalty) was a guest speaker. He was able to provide us with some valuable advice and lots of laughs. ff25a7_9c5030d6c76d4ea7a23771a96343570c ff25a7_68feb294c1704595ac5be8d02a4b5eb9 Day 3: Day three started with a visit to niche advertising agency, redhanded, who specialize in agriculture campaigns in rural and regional Australia. There was such a positive energy at the office and we loved hearing industry advice from their interns, account managers, digital strategists and creatives! ff25a7_a0d25ffbe42c46cb8c3a63e63515fb1f ff25a7_8cb8dcf9191e4cc9b15308fce2546f37 ff25a7_5fd8cb2bc79f47dab31b7bc7ae158654 We then set out on an adventure through Melbourne to visit Whybin/TBWA where we met with a fellow UC Student, who was now an Account Manager for a large account at Whybin/TBWA. He provided us with insightful knowledge about how to start out in the industry and life as an Account Manager. We were also given an interesting and thorough analysis of successful work Whybin/TBWA had produced, such as the ANZ GAYTM campaign for Mardi Gras. ff25a7_97d0fc832b27455aa95a55b0d2b662c3 ff25a7_9b359d472e874767be5597b3de422ed6 ff25a7_9a669e52676a4ac7bb181198c02247da After that we snuck in a quick visit to international media agency Initiative where we took a look at some of their most innovative work, such as their interactive TV advertisement ‘The Worlds Fastest Serve’. It was great to hear some personal accounts of why working in media is so fascinating and enjoyable – everyday is different, making working in media challenging but also incredibly rewarding. That evening we visited creative agency Yoke Design, who specialise in branding, design and digital media.  We learnt about rebranding strategies, how to come up with beautiful designs and that ‘you have to be a good consumer to be a good marketer’. Their office itself was a hub for creativity with beautiful decor and their own coffee room. We then had the opportunity to network with the employees personally, which was valuable for our members who were interested in design, digital and branding. ff25a7_5687be877cd8480aa0e8171462c75bb6 ff25a7_e044b02d0cfd44b39f64f1c3da1713c8 ff25a7_0dbbea504d5046a0a98ad2a87056de69 ff25a7_93404ae5b7f54297842f23083ea3b15a ff25a7_f4b1ba15dffc423ab0bbb94eba3c7a19 ff25a7_cc07282e254f4608b582d3e1b390ebe9 ff25a7_6f3924f050614ddf980836b86f6a5556 ff25a7_f179af64df2246b685d543fd83f1f49f ff25a7_b49418118d06432dac76d7a9e686a708 ff25a7_6525d58929a146b29fc65d08f88241b1 Day 4: On our final day of our industry trip we visited full service creative agency McCann, where we got detailed campaign insights into ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ for Metro and the ‘Infrequent Flyer Card’ for Tiger Air. They advised us on the importance of making campaigns go viral and gave us the simple advice that ‘if a campaign is famous overseas, then it will be famous at home’. McCann also stated that it is important to be humble and not to come into the industry thinking you know everything, the industry will always be changing and there will always be room to learn more. ff25a7_242071527e1e4fa3b08a765e89a8545b Zenith Optimedia was our final media agency to visit on the trip. We walked into the reception where we couldn’t help but take photos of the beautifully decorated offices with fairy lights and bird cages hanging from the ceiling, before making our way into the boardroom to hear from their managing director. Employees spoke about pathways they had taken to get to their position and how working in media provided value to their lives. Zenith also said that flexibility, agility, education and ability to think outside the square are the top traits they look for in graduates. ff25a7_aef3cee6f7854c2daf4345275c040ebf ff25a7_40898fc7cb6c40aa95480e3dbaf18ff9 Our final visit of the industry trip was to music brand Pandora, where we learnt about how they are expanding in Australia, off the back of their success in the US. We also discovered how to advertise through digital apps and the importance of making messages seen in a non-intrusive way to consumers. We were then provided with Pandora T-Shirts and some even scored headphones! #ThanksPandora ff25a7_3c1b39c8383f4d20a3adc243c30e2a8e ff25a7_8cd4d19f01c34942a35716a3e4a6e229 Our social activities provided us with a great chance to interact with other members that we may not have had a chance to meet through university tutorials. The significant difference from the start to finish of the trip, was from members not having a clear idea about where they wanted to be working in the industry, to the final day where everyone could clearly indentify the area they aspire to work in. The most difficult part of the trip was saying goodbye to our members which we all matured and grew with during the week.  We went from a bus full of strangers, to a bus full of UCAMS family! ff25a7_bdb8dd95d8354419af6278cc2018d173 ff25a7_378dfc3efe2a43a0ad521b9daf132653 ff25a7_79add67fab0c45948700cbebf2d18a35 ff25a7_6e630f8dd41042dd86602937c53725fd ff25a7_781eb25b33cd4649988432d009b15579 ff25a7_9dd9873b5c984519a25eceecbef493d9 ff25a7_031c738f2e77489691ec349bf404a0b4 ff25a7_2257f82bf09249e2833a41d404165edf  ff25a7_fabbede569bb4875ad9723e8c8281250 ff25a7_f0393079cfe34a07a9330fca045afce5  ff25a7_5a4f2419b02a4b74b9575a4f50b00b1b ff25a7_9b52abfd57d5415d9e8be9b5f89a895b ff25a7_c83d48f5f199420b81d5777a1ed0da94 Massive thanks to the agencies and clients who took time out of their busy schedules to accommodate all 20 of us, the committee members who made the trip possible and UCAMS members who provided lots of fun and laughs. Till next time Melbourne, we will miss your delicious soy lattes, graffiti filled laneways and Instagram-worthy architecture.  #ucamsmelbs2k15 What we learnt (valuable industry advice)

  • Internships are the best way to score yourself a job in the industry, as most of the professionals we met had previously done.
  • Volunteer your time once a week somewhere. Your time is the most valuable thing you can offer and shows you are passionate about what you do.
  • Don’t compromise- work towards where you want to be. Choose the role you want to work in and work towards that. Do not get an internship in media if you want to be a creative and vice-versa.
  • Shortlist agencies and/or brands of where you would like to work.
  • BE YOURSELF- show your personality and let it shine through when applying for a position. There are so many people trying to get into the industry and only those who stand out will make it.
  • Portfolios are everything for creative’s. Always continue expanding and developing your skills and ideas in your portfolio, even if they are mock designs. This is more important than grades ever will be.
  • Don’t just say how creative you are when applying for a position- SHOW THEM. Think you’re a good musician or artist? Why not write them a song or create an artwork!
  • AWARD School is highly recommended if you intend to work in the creative industry.
  • The Communications Council graduate program is highly sought after for grads in the advertising industry (get assignments done early so you can focus on applying for grad positions).
  • SMK Social Media and General Assembly provide practical courses for students aspiring to work in digital media.
  • Mumbrella, Campaign brief, Inspiration Room and PSFK Blog all publish interesting and useful content about the media/advertising industry. It is important to keep up to date about where accounts are moving to and who is losing/acquiring large accounts
  • Beyond Disruption: Changing the Rules in the Marketplace by Jean-Marie Dru is a recommended book by Whybin/TBWA about their disruption philosophy

Wish you could have been on this Industry Trip? Don’t fear! We have another one coming up in Semester 2 to Sydney! Stay up to date with our news through our Facebook page and website.