Tourism Victoria

Early on our final day we were fortunate enough to be able to delve into the client side of the business with Tourism Victoria. Treated to an in-depth breakdown of Tourism Victoria and the campaigns they have developed including some of their work with Clemenger BBDO on the groundbreaking Remote Control Tourist campaign. This campaign let people put in requests online and the remote control tourists would then perform these requests across Melbourne. Our host Jessica was very generous with her time and happily answered all of our questions.



For the final visit of the trip we went to WHYBIN and maybe it was the Banksy hanging in the foyer but they had us right from the start. After a tour of one of the quirkier offices of the trip, it was into the meeting room and onto the couches as they showed us their GAYTMs work for A.N.Z. and talked about how they went about landing such a large client and the impact it’s had on their business. They rounded it off with an exchange of opinions between the group and agency about different campaigns and why they liked/disliked them.


After that it was off to dinner before a hurried rush to the bus where we were all required to demonstrate quick thinking and flexibility under pressure, never before has there been such a rush to cram twenty people into an eight hour bus trip. A big thank you to all the committee members that made the trip possible, the agencies for taking time out of their busy schedules and to those who came along for making this trip the success it was, if you missed out on this trip make sure to check for news of the Sydney trip in semester 2.


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