Our trip began as all good trips should, with an eight hour bus ride! Upon arriving in Melbourne, early on Monday morning we piled into a tram and went to our hotel. We dropped our bags, splashed some water on our faces and quickly headed off to our first meeting of the week.
Immediately taken on a whirlwind tour of the agency we talked briefly to the heads of digital, strategy, accounts and production before finally coming to a rest in a board room to meet with the head of creative. Using the N.A.B. break up campaign and Carlton beer chase he gave us an in-depth explanation of the process of taking a brief and turning it into a fully functioning campaign.
Meeting with the Advertising team from Frankie and Smith journal in the morning, we were given unique insights into the brand management and advertising selection of one of Australia’s premier fashion magazines. After a brief rundown of their personal histories and any tips and tricks the team could give us for print advertising we had to say goodbye all too soon and head onto our next meeting.
Mitchell and Partners are part of the Dentsu Aegis Network and are a major media agency, their media planning and buying teams work with some of the biggest companies in Australia. Greeted by the General Manager upon our arrival he gave an impressive over view of the Dentsu Aegis network in Australia before taking us upstairs to meet the senior staff of the agency. After giving us a brief rundown of how a media agency differs from a creative one they proceeded to give us a thorough overview of how to join a media agency and some of the work they do, including an entertaining presentation by Nick Swifte.
Next up was Mindshare where the head of strategy gave us a comprehensive rundown of their strategic process for gathering and using information to benefit their clients. Anathea, the managing director then came in with some junior members of the staff to give us a rundown of the sort of work that you can expect to do early on in a media agency. As it turns out they also knew Nick Swifte from the previous meeting demonstrating just how tight knit this industry really is.
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