oOh! Media

First thing on Wednesday morning we were off to see oOh! Media, an agency specialising in outdoor advertising and instillation pieces. After hearing about the thought processes behind picking which sort of outdoor media they use for each job and the practicalities of renting or buying the space we were taken into their show room to see some of the work. Ranging from digital screens on uni campuses and shopalites to huge 3D billboards and experiential works oOh! Media deals in a diverse range of products and price ranges.


DDB gave us a great insight into the different feels within each creative agency, more formal than Clemenger but also more communal, their offices blew us away and that was before they even showed us their work. After showing us some of their work for Devondale more than a few of us wanted to hand them our CVs right then and there.


On Thursday morning we visited Adconion our first digital agency of the trip and after presenting us with a mountain of food it was quickly down to business as they told us all about the expanding digital field of advertising. Ranging from strategies to accounts services they gave us a full rundown of the workings of a digital agency and the individual jobs inside of it. During the Q&A after the talk there were many questions about the future of digital advertising and the challenges in collecting, using and protecting data, Adconion answered them all admirably and impressed more than a few on the trip.


Having secured a visit to, Ogilvy largely thanks to a previous society member now working there, they took the opportunity to show off some of their best work and brightest minds. The head of strategy walked us through his job before bringing in the creative duo behind the BP scratchie campaign. Ogilvy finished stongly with a talk from their production manager Luke who walked us through the process of making a television ad and all the challenges that come with it.

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