A day in the life… at Mumbrella360

A few months ago four exquisite committee members went to the Mumbrella360 event in Sydney.


What is this event?
Mumbrella360 is a conference run by the guys who bring you Mumbrella (if you don’t know about them this is your wake up call!). This two-day event is for professionals in the marketing, entertainment and media industry to discuss, engage, revel, tweet, snap and gain insight into today’s media world. Troy the Tall, Annie of house Dance-A-lot, Saint Monica and myself Bear Hilz snuck through the gates at the prestigious Hilton Hotel and pretended to be career driven professionals…


…Jokes we were just volunteers trying to hustle internships out of everybody!

Primarily, this conference offered us first hand experience about the real life applications of marketing and media. No longer were we in the classroom learning the 4 P’s (or is it 5… who knows), instead we were mingling with professionals from Yahoo to Kelly Taylor – the one who brought us Geordie Shore. We were sitting in on sessions and hearing how agencies took brands such as Jeep to unimaginable outcomes… has anyone bought a jeep? But seriously we were just there for the free food, endless coffee and branded t-shirts.

Bear Hilz’ highlights…

If you’ve ever wondered why TV ads can sometimes disappear without a trace then it may have been a complaint that brought it down. The session Dear Sir, Please Ban This Ad used the audience as their decision makers to discuss the ethical and sometimes trivial matters raised by complainants. Poor Captain Risky and his hot tub were removed from air after it went against community standards of safety around water and electricity. Yet the Mumbrella 360 audience seemed to disagree…

But what do you think? Would you have banned Captain Risky from our airwaves?


Bear Hilz’ Favourite Moment…

The time Adam Ferrier admitted to promoting a conference within a conference. It’s like conference inception… conferenception! The session managed to be anything but an advertorial, with Ferrier’s full disclosure aside the session instantly captured the audience’s attention with a seemingly simple quiz with a twist. To Ferrier’s surprise the results of the quiz did not match his hypothesis about the *Pratfall Effect. The session was engaging, thought provoking and insightful. For the keen strategist like myself I was happier than Tony Abbott in budgie smugglers!


* Pratfall Effect is the idea that the attractiveness of an individual will increase if they make an error, so long as they were perceived to be competent beforehand.

Annie’s Highlights

I may be biased but my favourite things were by far the OMD Masterclasses. A week before my internship at the company way due to begin, and I got to suck up, and watch the professionals before even beginning

The stand out for me was ‘Creativity – it’s all in the numbers‘.

Packed like sardines into a tiny room, which was loud as anything, because of its proximity to the lunching area, the Day 2 class focussed on how Data can drive highly creative and effective, insights, content and customer engagement, creative inspiration can be driven by the numbers.

As descibed by OMD, the seminar was about “The preconception that data only means testing, optimisation and efficiency is a demonstration of linear thinking. OMD will illustrate how data can drive highly creative and effective, insights, content and customer engagement. [This] masterclass [will use] case studies to illustrate that delivering creative inspiration really can be driven by stats.”

I get it – not everyone’s cup of tea, Data isn’t renowned for being a huge party

However, this was entirely fascinating for me, trend forecasting, data analysis and social research was nearly combined into a package which, when explained, made total sense as to how a creative and clever message and campaign can  be absolutely moving.

Hopefully the seminar will be made available on YouTube soon, but until then; you can read about it here: http://omdsaid.com/creativity-its-all-in-the-numbers/