A little brand rejuvenation can achieve many a wondrous thing. It can create new interest in a brand that’s dropped off peoples radars (think Old Spice. ‘I’m on a horse.’), it can bring a seriously outdated look into the new (Telstra’s new look), or sometimes a new brand identity is needed to match a change in target audience or key message (when Burberry took on Emma Watson as the new face of the brand to reach those younger in more ways than ‘at heart’).

On the other hand, refreshing a brand of regal note can on occasion, make like Ned Stark and, well, die. Can you imagine if Chanel changed its logo? There’d be riots.  While UCAMS hardly has the reach or brand value of luxury label, you can imagine the internal debate in the lead up to our own rebrand. Any agency will tell you what a nightmare it is trying to get approvals from committees! Every brand needs a personality and a visual identity that expresses the core brand message to the right people. Whether it be written, visual, verbal or digital, every serif and CMYK combo should consistently speak the same thing.

So, why did UCAMS rebrand?

We already had a brand identity, and as a society we were on the ball. We’d increased our tribe numbers, we were the UC Life winners of Best Creative Campaign… soon they will probably name a building after us.

But we realised something – our logo didn’t reflect the values and mission that we hold in 2015. Our focus is on connecting. Connecting with professionals in the industry, with UC, and of course our beloved members – you.


While we actually all loved the old UCAMS red – the colour of power, passion, wine, and the choice colour of many a great advertising agency – we realised that wait, we’re not an advertising agency, we are a student society representing the University of Canberra.

The new logo font is strong and confident, showing industry professionals that we’re serious, while the overall tone and colour is young, fun and vibrant to reflect our student body and appeal to fellow university students.

By using the UC blue, we were also able to sneakily ride off the back of UC’s reputation. “So, you stole the UC blue? Gee, how original…” you may be saying. If you’ve done the Brand Management unit, you may recall this clever advertising technique.  When industry professionals see the UCAMS logo, they won’t just remember what cool people we were when we visited their agency, they’ll also remember that we were part of a university that has an excellent reputation for its communication courses. #winning.

The UC blue has another benefit. Let’s pause for a moment for a quick strategy 101. What is the aim of UCAMS? To provide our members with opportunities to gain industry exposure, connect with professionals and like-minded students, and of course provide those fun times and a sense of community. Who is our primary target audience? All the Gruen Transfer aficionados, the inquisitive creative/strategic minds, and fellow Law of Comms sufferers – A.K.A you. What do we all have in common? We all go to UC and we have established brand trust with the UC blue.

“So what you’re telling me, is that you victimized me with your subliminal brand messaging?” Well, sort of (welcome to advertising baby!). We like to think of it as ‘gently but strategically guided you’ to creating that point of difference in your career. We gave UCAMS an extra edge. The proof is in the pudding – we’ve had great feedback, plenty of new recruits, and we’ve got some excellent industry professionals lined up for our upcoming industry talks and Melbourne Industry Trip.

Basically we’re in love with our new logo, and believe that it effectively communicates our values and mission to our target audiences. We’re also excited to announce that we have a new website launching soon to complement our new brand image! It will be stunningly attractiive, modern, user-friendly and we’re sure you’re going to love it. So stay tuned for the big unveiling coming soon….

Finally a special thanks to the talented team at ED. Digital for hooking us up with their mad design skills. They listened to our needs, desires and concerns and produced the perfect re-brand. If you know any businesses that are after a top notch website, web app or brand, these guys do the best digital in Canberra!