Past UCAMS member & President Stephanie Sims has shared her story with us, so we can share it with you! Starting out at the University of Canberra I enrolled in the Bachelors Degree of Advertising and Marketing (majoring in Media Production) which was honestly one of the best decisions of my career. UC is a great place, the people I met were fantastic to work alongside, including the very honourable lecturer Richard Buddle, whom has a dedicated facebook page set up by students that pre-date me – the Buddle Appreciation Society. I was also lucky enough to get myself a job within the UC Marketing Department as a Co-ordinator, so I could combine what I was learning with real life experience (and potentially use my work pass to get into concerts at the refectory… not saying I did). I remember times of studying hard during the Kevin ’07 campaign (people were wearing the t-shirts) and also running off to the UC bar during the 2 hour lecture break for a sneaky beverage… Keeping this in mind I was also regularly at the library and working in the edit suites – I swear! I also became President of UCAMS (AMS, at the time) which was an awesome experience, not only for the role itself, but for the things that it brought to the people involved. The industry trips were so much fun and brought people together, visiting various Advertising Agencies and other companies gave me opportunities that I would not have had prior to being a graduate. It set me up for success. I’d encourage anyone to get involved in that, it honestly adds so much to your degree and making connections. Through being a part of UCAMS and getting my degree I managed to get myself into the graduate program provided by the Communications Council. It was certainly not an easy process… The selection process is gruelling and it’s been the most challenging interview day of my life. But if you get through it, with or without a position immediately, you have to give yourself a massive pat on the back! ….And maybe a very large drink!

Following this I was very fortunately offered a job at my top pick, BMF Sydney. I was chosen for a junior role as Digital Producer. My time at BMF I’ll always be grateful for. I worked on some amazing campaigns, with some world renowned creatives and other top level producers. My experience through the graduate year was terrific and I was given the opportunity to rotate through every department of the agency.

Stephanie Sims was the President of UCAMS in 2007, a UC Graduate of Advertising/Marketing & Media Production and is currently Digital Delivery Manager at the ABC in Sydney. UCAMS thanks her for sharing her journey, and her past hard work! If you’ve got a story you want to share, or some content you’d like us to put out – get in touch at