Compiled By Troy Guy

You’ve made it! Semester one 2016 is here. Some of you are probably super excited to meet new friends and get started on your University journey. Most of you are probably anxious as hell and have no idea what you’re doing and are questioning why you even enrolled in the first place. But no need to worry because we’ve prepared five helpful tips straight from our committee leaders to surviving your first semester on campus.

First things first, come along to our events. We have an event in week 2 at SkyZone. It’s a good opportunity to get to know your fellow faculty students. Having a group of individuals under your belt to fall back on will make learning a lot easier now, and throughout the years especially if you’re ever stuck on anything from class enrolments to assessments. It will also make classes less awkward because you can group up with people you know.

So here are our top five tips from our committee leaders to surviving your first semester of Uni.

  1. Monica: You can get the whole Microsoft suite for free if you’re a University student. Check out her life hacks blog post to get all the deets on this sweet deal!!
  2. Kim: Take time to try out the cafes and restaurants around campus until you find a spot you really enjoy so that you can invite friends to or even chill out by yourself working on your first assignment.
  3. Jordan: A golden tip for all you advertising and marketing kids out there is that Shara Ranasinghe, lecturer extraordinaire and in general extraordinary human being, is a personal unofficial therapist to most of us third years. She’s super helpful and is always willing to listen and help out wherever!!
  4. Maxine: It may be scary to say hi to people in your first year but don’t be afraid to make friends since you all have something in common. That something in common is your interest in Advertising, Marketing or whatever else you fellow strangers and potential friends may be studying. These people you say “hello” to may even become friends for life and if not at least they’ll help make your whole university experience a whole lot more enjoyable!!
  5. Troy: The library isn’t the only place you can find free-to-use computers. Go and explore the buildings you’ve been allocated to, to find the computer labs. However, most of them will be full in the early semester, so your best bet is to bring a laptop and find yourself a nice quiet spot.

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Lastly if you’re interested, now is your last chance to apply to be a committee member of UCAMS for 2016. All you need to do is fill out this form here and tell us why you believe you will be a good committee leader. Unsure if you’ll be a good candidate? No problem. We’ll also be taking applications for semester two.

Stay tuned to get be introduced to our committee leaders of 2016!!!