So, it’s your first year, you’ve collected all your textbooks, you’ve enrolled in your courses and you’re trying to figure out the order of the buildings are (let us help you out… there is none) but after all of this you’ve got yourself thinking, What is the point of all of this?” A lot of students often find it hard to comprehend the practicality of how their degrees fit into the outside world and I felt the same way. So, I did two things:

  • I decided to join the University of Canberra’s Marketing Society (aka UCAMS) and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Through UCAMS I have experienced some amazing opportunities from industry trips to university balls as well as meeting some inspiring and talented people.
  • Through UCAMS I was invited to attend the Annual UC Advertising Awards in I believe this was one of my most valued experiences as it began to show me what all my work was leading towards.

In 2017, the Annual UC Advertising Awards was held in the Ann Harding Building with nine competing teams, all with different advertising approaches to three selected businesses. This event is a part of the student’s degrees and requires them to work on real-life scenarios with real-life businesses. Many of these businesses stated that “they would be interested in implementing some of the advertising strategies proposed within the student presentations.” The judges were extremely well qualified and gave great feedback to the students. The guests invited consisted of both students and industry professionals including members of The Mark Agency and Zoo Group.  

I would highly recommend this event as it benefits you in four major ways:

  1. It gives you great insight into what you are working towards (as this unit combines all the knowledge you gain from your other subjects)
  2. It is an incredible opportunity to network with students and industry professionals
  3. It inspires you to aim high in the work you do in your degree as it can lead to some amazing opportunities (as you may complete this unit)
  4. It is an amazing event to put on your résumé if you ever participate. Not only is it incredible to compete in but if your ideas are implemented in a real business before you graduate industry professionals will be very impressed.