Welcome back to Semester 2, 2015!

Well, it’s come to that time of the year where we have to gear up, get back to work and put our thinking caps back on. We hope all of our fabulous members had an excellent time travelling through Europe, gaining valuable insights in Indonesia, excelling their career through internships, being your awesome selves and watching Netflix (because research). No matter what you got up to we are happy to see you back to have an awesome fun-filled semester.

So now you’re a step closer to graduation (squeels) and UCAMS just got better (but how can you perfect perfection?). This semester we are filling your planners with MORE social events (did somebody say free food?), professional networking nights, cheaper textbooks (join our UCAMS Textbook Marketplace), graduate opportunities and splendid company.

So when is our first event might you ask? Make sure you note in your planner, diary, Smartphone calendar or back of your hand Thursday 27th August (Thursday Week 3), for our Semester 2 Meet ‘n’ Greet. This will be our first event of the semester before we all go into uni-brain-no-compute. Have a chance to meet our new committee members and yes there will be free food (because uni = broke).

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up this year or simply just want to say hi to our awesome selves then come and visit us during UC Market Day on the concourse every Wednesday 1-4pm weeks 1-5.

To get the most out of your UCAMS membership stay up to date on our Facebook page for updates on our events, networking opportunities and all things awesome.

May your textbooks be cheap and your Wi-Fi signal strong